Battery Powered LED Strip

Battery Powered LED Strip Kits are ideal for applications where mobility is required or simply when there is no power outlet available. They are great for kiosks, special events, weddings, birthdays and even for Halloween or stage costumes.

Battery Powered LED Strip

USB LED strip

Add ambient lighting to your computing atmosphere with a USB LED strip. This add-on LED lighting promotes relaxation and calmness for your work or gaming area. In addition it serves as a low power solution back-light

USB LED strip


WS2812B led strip is powered by a 5V power supply and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller, for example Teensy 3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or similar microcontroller/computer. APA102 is a type of three color-dimming IC,it has two signal cables:one data cable and one independent clock cable,which make the signal very fast and stable quality. and the strips can be 30/32/48/60/72/120 leds per meter,even as high density as 144led/m,the effect can be smooth transformation.


275nm UVC LED

275nm UVC LED(UV275A-3535) is sealed in full aluminum packages with a choice of UV-transparent optical window. It can be Purification system,Disinfection,Analytical instruments,Sensor,and Medical Instruments.

275nm UVC LED

Why is CRI important?

2015/10/13 11:25:12

Why is CRI important? 

When designing any space, color, texture, and finishes play a critical role in the process. 

Lighting is equally important. With high-CRI lighting, colors pop, textures stand out, and finishes have depth and luster. Think of 

lighting as the fourth element of good design, which turns colors and textures into a vibrant 

palette of finishes and materials.

What is CRI? Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of how accurately a light source 

displays colors. CRI is measured on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 representing daylight. 

CRI was devised to evaluate how effectively light sources represent color across 14 colors, 

from R1 to R14 (see below).


CRI is determined by comparing the appearance of a colorful object under an artificial light source 

to its appearance under an incandescent light at 100 CRI. The higher the CRI, the better the artificial 

light source is at rendering colors accurately. Equally important to the finishes and hues of objects are 

how people look in the space. High CRI values produce natural skin tones with more depth. A CRI value 

of 80+ will effectively portray colors and finishes. When the most accurate color rendering is essential, 

90+ CRI values are recommended.

When choosing the right light, the correlated color temperature (CCT), or how warm, neutral, or cool the 

light is, as well as the level of brightness, are also important. You will want to take CRI, CCT, and lumen 

output (brightness) into account when selecting the perfect light for your space.




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