Battery Powered LED Strip

Battery Powered LED Strip Kits are ideal for applications where mobility is required or simply when there is no power outlet available. They are great for kiosks, special events, weddings, birthdays and even for Halloween or stage costumes.

Battery Powered LED Strip

USB LED strip

Add ambient lighting to your computing atmosphere with a USB LED strip. This add-on LED lighting promotes relaxation and calmness for your work or gaming area. In addition it serves as a low power solution back-light

USB LED strip


WS2812B led strip is powered by a 5V power supply and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller, for example Teensy 3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or similar microcontroller/computer. APA102 is a type of three color-dimming IC,it has two signal cables:one data cable and one independent clock cable,which make the signal very fast and stable quality. and the strips can be 30/32/48/60/72/120 leds per meter,even as high density as 144led/m,the effect can be smooth transformation.


275nm UVC LED

275nm UVC LED(UV275A-3535) is sealed in full aluminum packages with a choice of UV-transparent optical window. It can be Purification system,Disinfection,Analytical instruments,Sensor,and Medical Instruments.

275nm UVC LED

rgb led ws2811 led strip addressable DC12V full color dmx addressable led strip

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rgb led ws2811 led strip addressable DC12V full color dmx addressable led strip

General description

The WS2811 is 3 output channels special for LED driver circuit. It internal include intelligent digital port data latch and signal reshaping amplification drive circuit.Also include a precision internal oscillator and a 12V voltage programmable constant current output drive. In the purpose of reduce power supply ripple, the 3 outp-ut channels designed to delay turn-on function.

IC use single NZR communication mode.After the chip power-on reset, the DIN port receivedata from con troller, the first IC collect initial 24bit data then sent to the internal data latch, theother data which reshaping by the internal signal reshaping amplification circuit sent to the next cascade IC through the DO port. After transmission for each chip,the signal to reduce 24bit. IC adopt auto reshaping transmit technology, making the chip cascade number is not limited the signal transmission, only depend on the speed of signal transmission.

The data latch of IC depend on the received 24bit data produce different duty ratio signal at OUTR, OUTG, OUTB port. All chip synchronous send the received data to each segment when the DIN port input a reset signal. It will receive new data again After the reset signal finished. Before a new reset signal received, the control signal of OUTR ,OUTG, OUTB port unchanged. IC sent PWM data that received justly to OUTR, OUTG, OUTB port, after receive a low voltage reset signal the time retain over 50us.

Features of led strip

1) Flexible PCB With 3M adhesive tape on the back for easy installation.


2) Energy saving and environment protection.


3) High brightness 5050 SMD LED light strip.


4) Solid-state, high shock or vibration resistance.


5) Low power consumption, high intensity.


6) Match the RGB controller and power supplier system.


7) Wide viewing angle.


8) Available in various single and RGB colors


Advantages of led strip

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 Protection rate for led strip

1) IP20---No waterproof, for indoor use


2) IP65 ---Epoxy coating, outdoor use, can not be used in water


3) IP67 ---Silicone tube, need reseal after cut, outdoor use

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