Battery Powered LED Strip

Battery Powered LED Strip Kits are ideal for applications where mobility is required or simply when there is no power outlet available. They are great for kiosks, special events, weddings, birthdays and even for Halloween or stage costumes.

Battery Powered LED Strip

USB LED strip

Add ambient lighting to your computing atmosphere with a USB LED strip. This add-on LED lighting promotes relaxation and calmness for your work or gaming area. In addition it serves as a low power solution back-light

USB LED strip


WS2812B led strip is powered by a 5V power supply and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller, for example Teensy 3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or similar microcontroller/computer. APA102 is a type of three color-dimming IC,it has two signal cables:one data cable and one independent clock cable,which make the signal very fast and stable quality. and the strips can be 30/32/48/60/72/120 leds per meter,even as high density as 144led/m,the effect can be smooth transformation.


275nm UVC LED

275nm UVC LED(UV275A-3535) is sealed in full aluminum packages with a choice of UV-transparent optical window. It can be Purification system,Disinfection,Analytical instruments,Sensor,and Medical Instruments.

275nm UVC LED

Product Show

Load capacity 100,000 pixels rgb led strip light controller;on-line controller H801RA

Detailed Description:

H801RA;4 ports salve LED pixel controller;work with computer network;support max 3412 pixels;TTL(SPI)signal output(LED Studio)

1. Introduction
H801RA is a salve controller that transmits data according to Ethernet protocol, the input port is used for receiving data and output port is used for sending data, controls LED lamp with four output ports. Input port can be directly connected to both computer network card and master controller (H802TA, H802TB, H801TC, H802TC, H803TC, H804TC, H805TC, H801TV, and H802TV), and can also be connected to the switch and photoelectric converter.
Auxiliary online software is "LED Studio software" and auxiliary offline software is LED build Software
  At present, H801RA can control the following chips: LPD6803, LPD8806, LPD6813, LPD1882, LPD1889, LPD6812, LPD1886; DMX512, HDMX, APA102, P9813, DZ2809, SM16716; UCS6909, UCS6912, UCS1903, UCS1909, UCS1912; WS2801, WS2803, WS2811, INK1003; TM1812, TM1809, TM1804, TM1803; BS0901, BS0902, BS0815, LY6620, BS0825; LD1510, LD1512; TLS3001, TLS3002; DM413, DM114, DM115, DM13C, DM134, DM135, DM136; MBI5001, MBI5168, MBI5016, MBI5026, MBI5027, 74HC595, 6B595, TB62726, TB62706, ST2221A, ST2221C, XLT5026, ZQL9712, ZQL9712HV, HEF4094, A8012 etc.
  LPD6813 and P9813 control maximum 2560 pixels.
  LPD1886, TLS3001, BS0901, BS0815 is 4096 levels grayscale; LPD6812, LPD6813 is 1024 levels grayscale.

2. Performance Characteristics 

(1) Four output ports control a maximum of 3412 pixels. Each port can control maximum 3412 divided by the number of using ports pixels.
(2) H801RA can work online or offline, can be directly connected to computer network card, so it can not only save the costs, but also more convenient to us. It can also be connected to master controller (H802TA, H802TB, H801TC, H802TC, H803TC, H804TC, H805TC, H801TV and H802TV), the switch and photoelectric converter.
(3) High synchronization performance, the transmission of adjacent slave controller delays within 200 ns, that is to say a cascade of 200 slave controller delay within 40 microseconds and the image has no tearing or mosaic phenomenon.
(4) Using flexibly. The maximum number of pixels that a port can control increases with the decrease of the number of output ports. Slave controllers can be interchanged and have a strong adaptability to lighting engineering.
(5) Good control affect. Using a special algorithm to control the disable lamp to reach 256 levels grayscale and can control the enable lamp to reach 65536 (64K) levels grayscale.
(6) Far transmission distance. Signal transmitted according to standard Ethernet protocol and the nominal transmission distance is 100 meters. Both slave controller and network repeater can be used as repeater. And the transmission distance can reach to more than 25 kilometers by photoelectric converter.
(7) The clock scanning frequency is adjustable within 100K to 50M Hz.
(8) Using grayscale and inverse gamma correction technology to make actual displaying effect more consistent with human physiological sensation; Self-adaptive interlacing scanning technology according to the motion of pixels effectively eliminate the tooth angle generated by moving lines in video show and obtains smooth and natural picture.

3. Instructions 

Connect the network card of computer (or master controller) to the input port of slave controller with network cable, then connect the output port to the input port of next slave controller. Cascade down until the last one
Both Crossover and parallel cables are available for the slave controller that PCB is marked with 2.0 or higher version and the slave controller with lower version PCB must use crossover cable. Parallel cable refers to both ends of the cable are connected as T568A and crossover cable refers to one end is connected as T568A and the other end is connected as T568B. Crossover cable is suggested.
                    Connection of Crossover Cable
When set the model, line number can be one, two, three, four. Line number is the number of actual using ports. Select "a line a controller", each port controls a maximum of 3412 pixels; Select "two lines a controller", each port controls a maximum of 1706 pixels, port3, 4 output the same data with port1, 2; select "three lines one controller", each port controls a maximum of 1128 pixels; select "four lines one controller", each port controls a maximum of 850 pixels. Actual controlled pixels are associated with the lamps and the transmission capability of chips.

Each slave controller controls maximum 3412 pixels. Each pixel of LPD6813 and P9813 occupies four bytes, so they can control maximum 2560 pixels. LPD6812, LPD1886, TLS3001, BS0901, BS0815 can control maximum 3412 pixels too. 
The DC input voltage is 6-24V, the AC input voltage is 9V, and the input voltage is 220V with housing outside and 9V transformer inside. 
There are two indicator lights beside the port. The green light above indicates power supply and the red light below indicates signal. If red light does not work ,which means slave controller does not receive data, check whether the network cable is plugged in and whether the master controller send data. If the red indicator light works, that means the data receiving is normal. If the lamp is not controlled, please check whether the lamp is connected properly to controller. 
When H801RA is working online, for the LED screen that the resolution is higher than the monitors, you must select playing in background, remember that background playing does not support multiple windows. Click menu "control" "playing in background" is OK.
When H801RA is working online, don't select obtain IP address automaticall but specify a fixed IP address, subnet mask is and don't set other items.
  The first three bytes of IP address must be different if computer has more than one network cards, the last byte value ranges from 1 to 254.

The clock frequency of DMX512 is fixed at 250 KHz, if you need to     change the DMX clock frequency, select HDMX in the IC type.
If control DMX512 lamps in parallel, it's better to purchase RS485 switching board, the model is H801RA_RS485 and it can be assembled together with slave controller. Please refer to the following image.

4. The controller port definitions 
From left to right, port 1 to port 4, there are four output ports.
Each port connection defined as follows: 
When control DMX512, CLK as D-, DAT as D+.
When control single or double line chips, connection set as follows:
Double line can connect GND  CLK  DAT
Single line can connect GND  DAT
CLK- and DAT- can be used only when the differential signal is needed

5. Specifications

Input Voltage AC220V
Power Consumption 1.2W
Control pixels 3412
Weight 1Kg
Working Temperature -20-75
Dimension L163*W155*H54
Installation Hole Distance 100mm
Carton Size L205*W168*H69


6. IP convertor

IP converter has the same appearance with slave controller, the function is to convert fast Ethernet protocol to standard TCP/IP protocol, which is in order to connect to a photoelectric converter or switch. Transmission delays about 600ns.

  The input port is normally connected to the output port of previous slave controller and the output port is connected to the photoelectric converter.

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