Battery Powered LED Strip

Battery Powered LED Strip Kits are ideal for applications where mobility is required or simply when there is no power outlet available. They are great for kiosks, special events, weddings, birthdays and even for Halloween or stage costumes.

Battery Powered LED Strip

USB LED strip

Add ambient lighting to your computing atmosphere with a USB LED strip. This add-on LED lighting promotes relaxation and calmness for your work or gaming area. In addition it serves as a low power solution back-light

USB LED strip


WS2812B led strip is powered by a 5V power supply and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller, for example Teensy 3, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or similar microcontroller/computer. APA102 is a type of three color-dimming IC,it has two signal cables:one data cable and one independent clock cable,which make the signal very fast and stable quality. and the strips can be 30/32/48/60/72/120 leds per meter,even as high density as 144led/m,the effect can be smooth transformation.


275nm UVC LED

275nm UVC LED(UV275A-3535) is sealed in full aluminum packages with a choice of UV-transparent optical window. It can be Purification system,Disinfection,Analytical instruments,Sensor,and Medical Instruments.

275nm UVC LED

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60LEDs/m APA102 LED strip

APA102 LEDs are 5050-sized LEDs with an embedded microcontroller inside the LED. You can set the color/brightness of each LED to 24-bit color (8 bits each red green and blue). Each LED acts like a shift register, reading incoming color data on the input pins, and then shifting the previous color data out on the output pin.

Detailed Description:

 60LEDs/m APA102 LED strip


Model #


DC Power


LED Type

 SMD5050 RGB

IC chip






IP Rank




The Digital LED strip has 3 connection points: the input connector, the auxiliary power wires, and the output connector. These can be seen in the adjacent picture, from left to right: auxiliary power wires, input connector, output connector. The strip uses 4-pin JST SM connectors. First wire is for 5V+,second wire for CLK ,third wire for Data and last one for Ground .

Usually, we make the strip in 4m or 5m per roll. This opition is better for the voltage equare when they lighting up.

We produce the LED strip at 30LEDs/m,60LEDs/m and 144LEDs/m . Those types are our standard type.Normally,we have the material in stock. If you need customized led quantity per meter, welcome to let us know.Our professional engineer will provide you the best solution.


1. Addressable full color led strips ——APA102C IC built-in.

2. Individually control —— 1 IC & I LED chip.

3. Standard Reel Length: 5meter/roll, also can be customized.

4. Cutted: 1 integrated RGB LEDs per segment, can be cutted per 1LED.

                    you can cut this stuff pretty easily with wire cutters, there are cut-lines

                    every 0.65''/1.7cm(1 LED each), Solder to the 0.1'' copper pads and you're good to go.

5. Power supply: You must use a 5V DC power supply to power this striup,

                              do not use higher than 6V or you can destroy the entire strip.

6. Sticky: non-waterproof: with 3M adhesive on back side for sticky;

                  waterproof: screw+silicon clip, or 3M adhesive back side.

7. Connectors: 4PIN JST female and male connectors, DAT, CLK, DC5V+, GND-.

these LEDs have 2 wires (input and output) for sending data - one clock pin and one data pin. That means you need two pins, not one, to control DotStars. Because the clock and data is seperated, you can use any processor speed or type to control these strips, and you don't have to worry about being careful with the timing

8. Type:  

This is the 60 LED-per-meter version, We have 30 LED/m, 60 LED/m and 144 LED/m.

          Waterproof——white PCB; Waterproof——black PCB

          Non-waterproof ——white PCB; Non-waterproof——black PCB


1) Light up colorful home life, DIY household lights for hallways, stairs, trails ,windows.
2) Hotels decoration use,Theaters, clubs, shopping malls, festivals and performances use.
3) Architectural decorative lighting,Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting, Security lighting and Emergency. 
4) Extensively applied in Backlighting for signage letters, concealed lighting and advertisement sign lighting.
5) Applicable for automobile & Airplane model decoration, contour lighting or border.

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